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Abstract #2207

Clinical evaluation of elliptical centric fat suppressed time resolved imaging in liver tumor characterization

Venkatesan R, Saranathan M, Vadapalli R, Padmanabha A, Ramanan V
GE Healthcare

Clinical evaluation of a fat suppressed elliptic centric TRICKS (FSTRICKS) pulse sequence for high spatio-temporal resolution dynamic imaging and characterization of liver tumors was the primary purpose of this study. A secondary objective was to assess its potential in providing a pre-surgical planning roadmap in the clinical management of hepatic tumors and lesions. FSTRICKS role in adequately characterizing and differentiating malignant and benign liver tumors such as HCC (singular tumor or multi-centric nodules with cirrhotic livers), metastatic lesions, focal nodular hyperplasia (FNH), hemangiomas and cystic lesions were studied on 30 patients and MRI results were correlated with clinical histopathology