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Abstract #2215

Functional Consequences of Aquaporin-1 Deficiency: Renal MRI in a Pre-clinical Model

Raghunand N, Trouard T, Brooks H
University of Arizona

The aquaporin-1 (AQP1) water channel is widely expressed in fluid-transporting epithelia and endothelia, particularly in the kidneys. We have employed Dynamic Contrast-enhanced MRI and Blood Oxygen-Level Dependent MRI to study altered renal function in AQP1-knockout (AQP1ko) mice. Decreased filtration function in the AQP1ko mice, possibly indicating compensatory tubuloglomerular feedback regulation, was observed. Decreased filtrate pH and decreased medullary T2* were also observed. A decreased T2* suggests increased medullary workload in AQP1ko mice, while decreased filtrate pH is indicative of altered proton pump activity. Quantitative comparisons between control and AQP1ko mice, and physiological explanations for the differences, will be provided.