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Abstract #2216

MRI-histopathology correlation of N-phenylanthranylic acid induced nephropathy in rats

Wang Y, Betton G, Floettmann E, Leiss C
Astra Zeneca

Eight rats were dosed with N-phenylanthranylic acid (NPAA) 700mg/kg/day for 14 days and four rats were treated with vehicle. After euthanasia, the left kidneys were harvested and placed within a vial containing 10% formalin, and scanned at 9.4T. Histology showed all NPAA treated animals developed various nephropathy changes. With nephropathy kidneys, MRI revealed an increase in kidney size, a loss in the conspicuity of the normal corticomedullary junction, and fine radial bands pointing to the renal papilla with alternating high and low signal. These results suggest that MRI could provide sensitive imaging markers for NPAA induced kidney damages.