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Abstract #2222

Free-breathing and high b-value Diffusion-weighted MR images of solid pancreatic tumors and tumor-like lesions

Takeuchi M, Matsuzaki K, Nishitani H, Kubo H, Harada M
Univ. of Tokushima

We evaluated benign and malignant solid pancreatic tumors and tumor-like lesions by free-breathing and high b-value DWI, and corresponding isotropic ADC maps to differentiate benign lesions from malignancies. Nine ductal adenocarcinomas showed very high signal intensity on DWI (ADC=1.44+/-0.37). One treated ductal adenocarcinoma, three mass-forming chronic pancreatitis (0.97+/-0.21), and two benign islet cell tumors (1.55+/-0.05) showed slight high to iso signal intensity. Two autoimmune pancreatitis showed relatively homogeneous slight high signal intensity (1.05+/-0.07). DWI may be useful in primary tumor and metastatic lesion detection of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, and in differentiation from benign tumor-like pathologies.