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Abstract #2223

Pancreatic duct visualisation: Secretin MRCP compared with 2D and 3D MRCP Techniques, initial results

Wakely S, Black R, Graves M, Bushby L, Beavon R, Lomas D, Sala E
University of Cambridge, Addenbrookes Hospital

Secretin MRCP (sMRCP) is reported to improve visualisation of the pancreatic duct, its side branches and variant anatomy, although this has cost and side-effect implications. This study compared the diagnostic performance of a) conventional 2D projection MRCP, b) adaptive averaging of real-time MRCP and c) 3D respiratory triggered FSE, with 2D projection sMRCP. Six patients were evaluated prospectively. Qualitative visual analysis was performed by two experienced observers, blinded to acquisition details. The results demonstrate the 3D technique matched or exceeded the performance of the sMRCP technique in all cases and suggest that the use of secretin may be avoided.