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Abstract #2229

Dynamic 3D gastric imaging using k-t BLAST and image processing of the 4D MRI data of the human stomach

Zwick S, Steingoetter A, Schwizer W, Boesiger P, Kozerke S
ETH and University Zurich

The recently developed accelerated acquisition method for dynamic MRI (k-t BLAST) was evaluated for dynamic 3D gastric MRI. An automated segmentation algorithm was implemented to process the 4D datasets. k-t BLAST reconstruction was simulated using 2D reference datasets to determine optimal acceleration factors and training profiles for in-vivo studies. Accelerated dynamic 3D gastric MRI was performed in volunteers. Based on this data, the developed segmentation tool was evaluated. Simulations were confirmed by in-vivo studies. The automatic segmentation allowed over 90% contour detection with a volume detection error < 5%. This work presents the first method analyzing gastric function in 3D.