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Abstract #2230

Effect of fat emulsion acid stability on gastric emptying, CCK release and satiety: an EPI study

Marciani L, Wickham M, Singh G, Bush D, Pick B, Wright J, Fillery-Travis A, Faulks R, Marsden C, Spiller R, Gowland P
University of Nottingham, University of Nottingham

Consumption of pre-processed foods high in fat, often added as a fat emulsion, is steadily increasing in the developed countries. Based on our previous work on fat emulsions, this study aimed to investigate whether it would be possible to manipulate intragastric distribution and hence gastric emptying, cholecystokinin levels and satiety feelings in healthy volunteers by simply modifying the intragastric acid stability of the fat emulsions fed to them. We show here that, when compared with an equicaloric acid-unstable emulsion, acid-stable emulsion slowed gastric emptying by about 2.5 fold, increased the levels of circulating CCK and increased the sense of satiety.