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Abstract #2238

Rationale and Validation of a 3-Compartment Kinetic Model for Determining Glomerular Filtration on Gadolinium Enhanced MR Imaging of the Kidney

Jones R, Martin D, Votaw J, Salman K, Sharma P
Children's healthcare of Atlanta

This study develops a 3-compartment kinetic model to describe Gd distribution in the renal artery and kidney, applys the model requirements to an optimized MR imaging technique, and implements the theoretical model to extract measures of renal blood flow and GFR. The 3 compartments represent blood, extracellular space, and glomerular filtration. The model was tested on idividuals receiving a steady infusion of Gd for 60-90 secs, and acquiring dynamic data very rapidly (0.9s/image). Both flow and GFR were quantified, and found to be in the range predicted by standard techniques. This procedure is capable of being implemented in the clinic for flow and GFR quatification in a very short study time.