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Abstract #2239

Comparison of two methods to determine single kidney GFR from MR renography: A multicompartmental model and Patlak-Rutland analysis

Bokacheva L, Kaur M, Rusinek H, Huang A, Chen Q, Leonard E, Kramer E, Lee V
New York University School of Medicine

Dynamic contrast-enhanced perfusion images of the kidneys acquired at 1.5 T in 9 patients were investigated for non-invasive evaluation of renal function. Glomerular filtration rates (GFR) were determined by two methods, a multicompartmental model and Patlak-Rutland method, and compared with the results of the reference nuclear medicine measurements. The GFRs derived from multicompartmental model were found to be in better agreement (R^2=0.92) with the reference GFR values from radionuclide studies than the results of Patlak Rutland method (R^2=0.7). It has also been demonstrated that the multicompartmental model analysis is better suited for low dose perfusion studies.