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Abstract #2240

Comparison of a Rutland-Patlak plot and a compartmental analysis for the assessment of single-kidney glomerular filtration rate

Shurrab A, Buckley D, Kalra P
Hope Hospital

The purpose of this study was to compare two approaches for the measurement of single-kidney glomerular filtration rate (SK-GFR) using dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI. Data from 39 separate MR renography studies were analysed using a Rutland-Patlak technique and a compartmental model. Estimates using both methods correlated well with radioisotope assessed SK-GFR - the Rutland-Patlak approach provided a near one-to-one correspondence while the compartmental method overestimated SK-GFR. However, the compartmental model fits to the experimental data were significantly better than those with Rutland-Patlak. Further work, including image registration, is needed to address these issues.