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Abstract #2243

Dynamic measurement of renal perfusion using CASL: A tool to evaluate the effects of antihypertensive agents in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Coimbra A, Welsh D, McCracken P, Alonso-Galicia M, Hargreaves R, Cook J, Williams D
Merck & Co.,Inc

This study uses arterial spin labeling (ASL) to monitor changes in renal perfusion following administration of an antihypertensive agent. For validation of this technique, renal perfusion was measured during infusion of ACh or ATII. Test groups were dosed with the ACE inhibitor Enalapril or saline. Infusion of ACh increased renal perfusion, while ATII decreased renal perfusion, demonstrating the ability to dynamically track renal perfusion in near real time. Enalapril produced a significant and sustained increase in renal cortical perfusion compared to saline controls. ASL perfusion MRI provides a non-invasive means of measuring renal perfusion in response to pharmacologic interventions.