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Abstract #2246

Diffusion-Weighted MR Imaging of the Prostate: A Primary Study

Xuemei G, Xiaoying W, Feiyu L, Xuexiang J
First Hospital, PeKing University

To evaluate whether diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) can be used to differentiate prostate adenocarcinoma (PCa) from normal prostate peripheral zone (PZ) and prostatitis, ADC values were measured in 13 BPH, 10 prostatitis and 15 PCa patients with different b value of 300, 500 and 800sec/mm2. The mean ADC value of PCa was significantly smaller than that of normal PZ and the prostatitisbut the difference between the prostatitis and the normal PZ had no statistical significance. The result of the study implied that ADC value measured from DWI can be used to differentiate prostatitis and PCa.