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Abstract #2251

Influence of local environment and differentiation on experimental prostate cancers on tumor metabolism and vascularisation

Zechmann C, Woenne E, Radzwill N, Brix G, Bachert P, Peschke P, Ilg M, Kirsch S, Kauczor H, Delorme S, Kiessling F

Purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of tumor implantation site (intraprostatic/subcutaneous) on growth, vascularisation, metabolism, and histologic phenotype of three different experimental malignant prostate tumors in rats using DCE-MRI and 1H-MRS.Differentiated tumors grew significantly slower in the orthotopic environment while anaplastic carcinomas did not show distinct differences. Significant differences in tumor perfusion were observed between orthotopic and subcutaneous low malignant carcinomas (Dunning-H) and the other sublines. All tumors showed elevated choline-creatine-ratio and signals of free fatty acids increased from benign to anaplastic tumors. Histologically orthotopic Dunning-H tumors showed a higher degree of apoptosis and mature vessels.