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Abstract #2250

Effect of diffusion weighted imaging for detection of prostate cancer-comparison between tissue types-

namiki t, tanaka h, koyama k, harada j, fukuda k, ohmura m, kishimoto k, namiki y
jikei kashiwa hospital

Diffusion weighted imagingiDWij of cancer tissue have higher intensity than surrounding prostate tissues. But there is some false negative in this method. We performed ROC analysis of different tissue types. ROC analysis were performed for each of the following combinations 1)benign and well differentiated cancer 2) benign and moderately differentiated cancer 3)benign and poorly differentiated cancer. The areas under the ROC curve for each combinations were 1)0.51 2) 0.69 3) 0.84. These results showed that poorly differentiated cancer is most easy to detect cancer in prostate DWi, and well differentiated cancer is sometimes false negative.