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Abstract #2249

The effect of different b-values on the apparent diffusion coefficient in prostate cancerous and non-cancerous regions

Li F, Wang X, Xu Y, Xiao J, Jiang X
Peking university first hospital

It was reported that ADC would help determination of non-cancerous and cancerous tissues. But it's not enough to distinguish benign from malignant tissues with ADC alone because of the overlapped ADC values. Can the increase of b-value bring the increase of ADC difference between non-cancerous and cancerous tissues? The purpose of our study is to investigate the changes of ADC with different b-values in cancerous and non-cancerous regions, and to determine if b-values have effect on ADC difference between the two tissues. According to the result, it seemed that ADC difference were not changed significantly using different b-values (range 300-800s/mm2).