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Abstract #2264

On the necessity of flip angle correction for fast T1mapping using DESPOT 1

Boesiger P, Schwizer W, Treier R, Fried M, Steingoetter A
University Hospital Zurich

This study demonstrates the effect of B1 inhomogeneity on fast T1determination using DESPOT1. We present a method combining this approach with a fast B1 mapping technique allowing accurate T1 quantification in the human abdomen, especially the stomach. Spectroscopic reference data and in vitro and in vivo T1maps were acquired at 1.5T and 3.0T. Uncorrected data show a clear underestimation of the nominal T1 values. Applying the combined method, computed T1 values are in close agreement with the reference. The proposed optimized DESPOT1 technique offers new possibilities for fast T1mapping in non-static tissues as is the case for the abdominal region.