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Abstract #2265

Assessment of colorectal hepatic metastases by quantitative T2 relaxation time: A method for evaluating tumour response to treatment?

Scurr E, Kanber B, Leach M, Husband J, Funicelli L, Collins D, Koh D
Royal Marsden Hospital

Quantitative T2 relaxation time has been shown to be more accurate than visual assessment for the characterisation of focal liver lesions. Malignant lesions such as metastases show shorter T2 relaxation times (<130 ms) compared to benign lesions. Dynamic contrast enhanced MR imaging and diffusion-weighted MR imaging are increasingly employed to provide surrogate markers of response for hepatic malignancies. However, the value of quantitative T2 measurements in evaluating the response of liver metastases to treatment has not been previously established. Such measurement may also be potentially useful for assessing the effects of conventional and novel therapeutics.