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Abstract #2266

T2-Weighted MR Imaging with FIESTA versus Fast Spin-Echo: Comparative Efficacy in Clinical Hepatic Imaging

Silva A, Beaty S, Hara A, Patel M, Liu P
Mayo Clinic Arizona

Purpose: To assess diagnostic accuracy of FIESTA as complementary sequence to moderately T2-weighted FSE in characterization of focal liver lesions, as compared with conventional heavily T2-weighted FSE.Materials and Methods: Independent, retrospective review of 40 benign/malignant lesions by three radiologists. Qualitative and quantitative evaluation performed, including ROC analysis and lesion CNR.Results: No significant statistical difference in lesion characterization between FIESTA and heavily T2-weighted FSE, as per ROC diagnostic accuracy, with substantial-excellent interobserver agreement. Significant difference in calculated CNR between benign & malignant lesions with FIESTA. Conclusion: FIESTA may replace heavily T2-weighted FSE as complementary sequence for hepatic lesion characterization.