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Abstract #2267

Evaluation of a Balanced 3D Turbo Field Echo sequence versus Radial Stack and Thin Slice Single Shot Turbo Spin Echo for detecting small choledochus calculi and depicting choledochus in the papillary region

Hirschberg T, degrd S, Melhus M, Stors T
Ullevl University Hospital

Traditional SSTSE thick and thin slab imaging were compared with 3D B-TFE for accuracy of detection of calculi in choledochus and depiction of the choledochus in the papillary area. 33 patients referred for MRCP were included. Precence or absence of calculi were confirmed by ERCP, peroperative cholangiography or clinical followup.Area (AUC) under empirical Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROC) Curve was used as a measure of accuracy in calculi detection.No statistically significant differences were found in detection accuracy between techniques. The B-TFE images were found to give a better visual depiction of the choledochus in the papillary region.