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Abstract #2272

MR Imaging of Testicular Torsion: Features of Testicular Hemorrhagic Necrosis and Clinical Outcomes

Watanabe Y, Nagayama M, Okumura A, Amoh Y, Oda K, Ishimori T, Kiyono T, Nakada K, Mitsui H, Morimoto N, Tabuchi T, Kumashiro M, Sugioka T, Ito O, Ohtsuki K, Dodo Y
Kurashiki Central Hospital

It has been difficult to differentiate testicular torsion from other scrotal disorders. When patients with acute scrotal symptoms are diagnosed to have testicular torsion, a choice of emergency surgery, orchiectomy or orchiopexy, is required. MR imaging can be useful in the evaluation of patients with testicular torsion. The overall accuracies in the detection of testicular necrosis was 93% for the T2-weighted imagings, 73% for dynamic contrast-enhanced subtraction MR imaging and 73% for intraoperative findings. The preoperative and follow-up MR imaging can help to accurately diagnose testicular torsion and to demonstrate testicular necrosis as well.