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Abstract #2288

SR-TurboFLASH measurements of renal perfusion: Comparison between 1.5 and 3T with and without parallel imaging

Kramer H, Michaely H, Lodemann K, Schoenberg S, Reiser M, Oesingmann N
University of Munich

An intraindividual comparison of renal perfusion studies in healthy volunteers at 1.5T with parallel imaging (PI), 1.5T without PI and 3.0T with PI is presented. Perfusion was measured using a SR-TurboFLASH sequence after the bolus administration of 7ml of Gd-BOPTA. SNR, image quality and the semiquantitative perfusion parameters were determined.The perfusion parameters mean transit time and time to peak were independent of the technique used. Perfusion imaging at 3.0T was found to yield the highest SNR and the best image quality compared to the sequnences at 1.5T with or without contrast agent.