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Abstract #2297

MRI estimation of donor graft steatosis prior to orthotopic liver transplantation: Initial results with early serum outcome measures, surgical and histological correlation.

Hollingsworth K, Lomas D, Watson C, Smith J, Jamieson N, Alexander G, Allison M
University of Cambridge

Donor graft steatosis adversely affects the outcome of human orthotopic liver transplantation and currently is subjectively assessed visually by the transplanting surgeons. 6 liver grafts were assessed ex vivo for steatosis by MRI, histology and surgical opinion. Total bilirubin, ALT and prothombin time were measured for 14 days post-transplantation. Of the 3 patients with the highest peak total bilirubin, ALT and prothombin time, 2 had above median steatosis (as measured by MRI). Although there were correlations between the MRI fat measurement and the histological assessment, there was no correlation between the surgical and MRI assessments.