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Abstract #2306

Advanced cervix cancer: Can simple DCE-MRI derived parameters predict treatment response?

Hollingsworth K, Lomas D, Sala E, Tan L, Brenton J, Crawford R, Arrends M, Zahra M
University of Cambridge

Treatment response in advanced cancer of the cervix is relatively unpredictable. This pilot study evaluates the possible predictive value of simple DCE-MRI derived parameters such as the relative signal intensity (rSI) and slope of contrast medium uptake following rapid bolus injection of gadolinium-DTPA. Six patients were studied prior to and during treatment with chemo-radiotherapy. The initial DCE-MRI parameters (rSI, slope, Ktrans) were not correlated with initial tumour size but did significantly correlate with subsequent percentage volumetric tumour regression suggesting they may have a useful role in predicting treatment response in cancer of the cervix.