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Abstract #2307

Evaluation of cervical carcinoma of the uterus with high b diffusion-weighted imaging: A comparison with normal uterine cervix

Yang Z, Sun F, Chen M, Zhou C, Zhao W, Jiang L, Zhang M, Ye X, Tan Y
Beijing Hospital

The purpose of this study is to investigate the usefulness of DWI in evaluating cervical carcinoma of the uterus. Conventional MR imaging and DWI with high b value were performed in 15 patients with cervical carcinoma and 11 volunteers, and the ADC values were measured. The mean ADC value of the cervical carcinomas was significantly higher than that of normal uterus cervix. On high b value DWI, malignant tissue showed significantly high signal than normal tissues. Our preliminary study indicates high b value DWI and ADC measurement has the potential ability to differentiate cervical carcinoma lesion from normal tissues.