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Abstract #2316

Fetal MRI in Early Second Trimester Pregnancy

Axelsson O, Wikstrm J, Ahlstrm H, Raiend M, Amini H
Uppsala University

MRI was performed of 56 fetuses where routine ultrasound scanning had shown suspected malformations. 3 mm T2 weighted Single Shot TSE sequences were acquired in the axial, coronal, and sagittal planes as well as 8 mm T1-weighted axial images. The main ultrasound findings were verified in 51/56 cases. Additional relevant findings were found in 17/56 cases. Of these were 6/7 cases with CNS lesions, 5/8 cases with oligohydramnios, and all three cases with diaphragmatic hernia. Fetal MRI is feasible in early second trimester, and of special value in cases with suspected CNS lesions, diaphragmatic hernias and oligohydramnios.