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Abstract #2318

Improving Image Quality in Fetal MRI using Autocalibrating Reconstruction for Cartesian (ARC) Sampling

Brau A, Skare S, Beatty P, White A, Rubesova E, Bammer R
GE Healthcare

While T2-weighted fetal MRI is readily achieved with single-shot FSE, appropriate T1-weighted images are still difficult to obtain. In particular, the image quality is often frustrated by respiratory motion of the mother or fetal movements. A robust new parallel imaging method, Autocalibrating Reconstruction for Cartesian Sampling (ARC), was investigated for its potential strengths and weaknesses in rapid T1w fetal MRI. We could demonstrate that T1w ARC FGRE and LAVA can significantly improve the robustness and reliability of T1w fetal MRI within a single breath-hold of reasonable duration for pregnant women.