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Abstract #2320

Post-Partum Relaxation Parameter Mapping of Human Placentas at 1.5T : Differences Between Pre-Eclamptic and Healthy Pregnancies

Vance C, Ames B, Glover G
UC Berkeley, Stanford University

Relaxation parameters of seven post partum human placentas were mapped at 1.5T: two from healthy pregnancies, three from mild pre-eclampsia (PE), and two from severe PE. T2 times were not linked to PE. T1 times were more than two-fold higher in placentas from two severe PE versus normal pregnancies (averaging 1693 ms vs 764 ms, respectively). The S.D. of T1 was also higher with PE (280 ms PE vs 70 ms non-PE). Including the mild cases of PE, T1s do appear to correlate with the severity of PE in this small, unmatched data set.