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Abstract #2367

Sub-second 3D Image Reconstruction with Gradwarp Correction in Moving Table MRI

Riederer S, Polzin J, Kruger D, Grimm R
Mayo Clinic

Large FOV MR imaging using continuous table motion is susceptible to artifacts arising from the nonlinearities of image gradients. Images contain spatially dependent blurring in addition to spatial distortion. Ideally, a 3D Fourier transform and gradwarp correction is required for each acquisition. Despite the seeming intense computational requirements, image reconstruction can be accomplished in 2.3s with an off-the-shelf PC. In a realtime implementation with a 5ms TR, a group-wise recon could be performed every eight TRs. Using an eight-node blade system, total reconstruction times drop to 420ms or a group-wise recon could potential be done for every TR.