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Abstract #2391

A realistic fMRI time series simulation with individual slice motion, geometric distortion and spin saturation effect

Yeo D, Bhagalia R, Kim B
University of Michigan

Validation of fMRI motion correction and analyses by statistical inference have been the focus of many publications and invoked interests in developing accurate phantom data. Although it has been an area of focus for many investigators, none of the mathemetical phantoms simulating motion artifacts, to this date, do not include accurate account of head motion. Most data sets share a common theme that assumes no inter-slice motion during the time series acquisition. For fMRI time series data acquired using multi-slice EPI, and most likely single shot sequences, each slice is subject to a different set of motion parameters in the presence of subjects head motion. Following the previous work on a synthetic time series constructed with known motion parameters affecting each slice, this work includes geometric distortion exerted on each slice computed with varying field inhomogeneity and spin saturation effect as a result of out of plane head motion.