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Abstract #2427

Inversion-optimized, multi-slice, parallel TOSSI (T-One insensitive Steady State Imaging)

Derakhshan J, Schmitt P, Blaimer M, Sunshine J, Griswold M, Duerk J
Case Western Reserve University

TOSSI (T-One insensitive Steady State Imaging) can be used to generate pure T2 contrast in steady state free precession imaging. We extend the TOSSI framework to fast multi-slice imaging with optimal T2 contrast by adjusting the inversion pulse timing dynamically, using slice-selective adiabatic RF pulses and by using parallel imaging to obtain higher resolution images at a fixed echo time. We demonstrate that TOSSI can be used to obtain T2W images of the brain in a moving subject, unlike T2W TSE which is severely degraded by motion artifacts. Comparison with other rapid acquisition images, HASTE and SE-EPI, are also presented.