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Abstract #2438

Parallel Zoom EVI: effects of short TR on image quality

Rabrait C, Le Roux P, Poupon C, Ribs A, Le Bihan D, Lethimmonier F
Commissariat l'Energie Atomique

A new method to perform single shot 3D imaging is introduced. It combines a zoomed Echo Volumar Imaging sequence with 2D parallel acquisition and SENSE reconstruction with a reduction factor of 4. Two artefacts were identified, which result from the high acquisition rates reached. First, an aliasing artefact in the middle of the phase direction has been identified and suppressed. It was created by imperfect outer volume suppression and SENSE reconstruction. Second, the profile along the partition direction has been greatly improved by setting the excitation flip angle to the Ernst angle. Finally, brain volumes acquired at 1.5T are presented.