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Abstract #2439

Broad Oversampling With TIme Efficiency (BOWTIE) for Increased SNR

Barkauskas K, Bookwalter C, Sunshine J, Duerk J, Griswold M
Case Western Reserve University

The radial continuous sampling sequences (aka Total Sampling Time (TST) acquisitions) are more time efficient than their Cartesian counterparts, however radial sequences exhibit characteristic artifacts. This study proposes a TST sequence where the phase encoding and dephase/rephase lobes are overlapped in order to create a hybrid radial/Cartesian trajectory bowtie. This TST sequence, named Broad Over-sampling With TIme Efficiency (BOWTIE), samples during the traditionally unsampled radial traversal to and from the edge of k-space before and after Cartesian readout. In this study, a BOWTIE sequence was developed for imaging both phantoms and human volunteers for the purpose of SNR gain.