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Abstract #2440

Deriving Oxygen-Sensitive Contrast in Tissue from MRI: A Comparison between T2*-Weighted, T2-Prepared and SSFP Methods with an Ischemia Leg Cuff Model at 1.5T

Mangalathu Arumana J, Dharmakumar R, Campbell N, Li D
Northwestern University

Current methods for deriving oxygen-sensitive contrast (OC) in tissue are limited by sensitivity, poor SNR, and imaging time. Recently, SSFP imaging has been proposed for detecting oxygen-related changes in tissue. This work, based on previous theoretical studies, (1) investigates the SSFP dependence of OC on TR and flip angle () and (2) compares the OC derived from SSFP against T2-prepared and T2*-weighted methods with a leg cuff model. Results show that OC with SSFP is strongly dependent on TR and —Énand that with appropriate choice of these parameters, it is possible to increase OC beyond conventional methods.