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Abstract #2445

Intrinsic fat saturation of TIDE with variable flip angles due to modified stop bands

Zaitsev M, Paul D, Hennig J
University Hospital

Many applications of balanced SSFP require suppression of fat signals. Due to modified stop bands in TIDE imaging an intrinsic fat saturation method is presented called FS-TIDE. The TIDE signal-evolution in the transition from TSE-like behavior to TrueFISP was simulated in investigated. The resulting signal notch for off-resonant spins is then used for fat suppression. FS-TIDE is applied to phantoms and healthy volunteers on a 1.5T system. Resulting images were compared to standard TrueFISP with and without fat suppression. It is demonstrated that FS-TIDE provides a method for homogenous fat suppression in abdominal imaging while maintaining SSFP-like image contrast.