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Abstract #2450

Evaluation of Sensitivity Encoded Diffusion Tensor Imaging at 4T

Ji J, Raj A, T H, Jacob M, Zhu X, Jahng G, Schuff N, Zhang Y, Weiner M, Liang Z
Texas A&M University

We developed an approach to assess quality of sensitivity encoding (SENSE) diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) within the context of fractional anisotropy (FA) evaluation in healthy aging of corpus callosum. DTI were acquired using an eight-channel coil at 4T MRI. With high acceleration factor, SENSE significantly amplified noise, induced bias, and altered biologically distinction features, such as age correlation of FA in genu. Consistent with the changes of the first order statistics described by the linear mixed model, image texture entropy increased globally. In conclusion, SENSE reconstruction can bias DTI results, which need to be considered in clinical applications.