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Abstract #2451

Susceptibility-weighted imaging at 3T and 7T using multi-channel phased array coils and SENSE

Kelley D, Xu D, Vigneron D, Lupo J, Nelson S
Global Applied Science Lab, GE Healthcare

Susceptibility-weighted imaging is an emergent technique for high resolution, distortion-free imaging of brain vasculature. With the availability of high field MR systems with multi-channel coil capabilities, parallel imaging acquisitions and SENSE reconstruction can be employed to reduce the acquisition time as long as the decrease in SNR does not significantly affect the contrast between vessels and brain parenchyma. This study assesses the feasibility of SWI at 3T and 7T with SENSE. The sensitivity of detecting small vessels is improved at higher field strengths and the implementation of SENSE was not found to significantly reduce the detection of small vessels.