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Abstract #2452

Parallel Imaging of trabecular bone micro-architecture using Autocalibrating technique at 3 T

Banerjee S, Han E, Brau A, Majumdar S
University of California San Francisco, UC Berkeley

This study implemented autocalibrating partially parallel imaging (PPI) with a GRAPPA based robust reconstruction applied it to invivo MRI of trabecular bone micro-architecture at 3 Tesla in conjunction with a multiple acquisition steady state free precession (SSFP) sequence. Improving signal-to-noise ratio efficiency of multiple SSFP by PPI was demonstrated. Intensity distribution and spatial correlation in the parallel images were characterized and quantitative analysis of bone structural parameters was obtained. Visualization of bone micro-structures was preserved even in images having high reduction factor (R=3) but for their quantification , new image analysis independent of background signal may be required.