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Abstract #2453

Highly Accelerated IDEAL for Volumetric Abdominal Imaging with Fat-Water Separation in a Single Breath-hold

Shankaranarayanan A, Joshi S, Dumoulin C, Steger T, Reeder S, Brau A, Carrillo A, Madhuranthakam A, Yu H, Shimakawa A, McKenzie C, Gurr D, Giaquinto R, Sodickson D, Farrar N, LaRuche S, Rofsky N, Brittain J
GE Healthcare

Initial study of combining a robust fat-water separation technique like IDEAL with high acceleration factors enabled by 32 channel system for breath-held contrast enhanced abdominal imaging is shown here. Net acceleration of 6.3 was achieved in the these experiments. Moreover, the high SNR demonstrated in images from volunteers suggests that even higher acceleration factors may be possible, enabling higher spatial resolution or larger coverage.