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Abstract #2483

Separating Signals from Intra- and Extracellular Water Compartments in Rat Skeletal Muscle In Vivo Using MEMRI

Seland J, Helmer K, Nair G, Bennett D, Sotak C
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Tissue inter-compartmental equilibrium water exchange can significantly affect the quantitative analysis of various in vivo MR parameters. In this study, manganese-enhanced MRI (MEMRI) has been investigated as a method for separating and identifying the MR signals from intra- and extracellular water compartment in rat skeletal muscle in vivo. In the presence of extracellular manganese (Mn2+) we identified two T1 components in skeletal muscle, which we assign to IC and EC water compartments. The present study indicates that differentiated MR imaging of IC vs EC water may be possible using MEMRI.