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Abstract #2484

Adiabatic modulation of the longitudinal and transverse relaxations, T1&[rho] and T2&[rho], of Gd-Fullerenol contrast agent: application for the cellular imaging.&[rho]

Michaeli S, Sorce D, Frank J, Garwood M, Lin J, Hu E, Ugurbil K, Anderson S
CMRR, University of Minnesota

Rotating frame relaxation rate constants R&[rho] and R&[rho]measured using a windowless train of adiabatic full-passage (AFP) pulses placed prior to an excitation pulse are functions of the shapes, lengths, and peak RF power of the AFP pulses. These dependencies lead to the possibility to alternate relaxation contrast and to assess fundamental parameters of the sample. We demonstrate here that adiabatic T&[rho] and Tmeasurements provide a method to follow relaxation mechanisms of HeLa cells labeling in culture with C(82) Gd-Fullerenol. Theory of paramagnetic relaxations during adiabatic rotation is applied for the data analysis.