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Abstract #2500

Rapid Data acquisition for T1 Mapping, using Multishot EPI and Automated TR Variation at 3T

Liu X, Feng Y, Jeong E, Ke T, Li K, Lu Z, Morrell G
University of Utah

MR imaging is a powerful tool to probe the dynamic distribution of contrast agent in drug development. T? mapping is considered as the most reliable imaging method which closely reflects the concentration of the contrast agent in tissue. There have been various acquisition techniques to acquire the MR images for T1 mapping. In this report, a rapid MR imaging technique is described and preliminary results are presented, which used multishot segmented EPI and automated TR variation. The equilibrium signal intensity, which reflects the equilibrium magnetization Mzo(r), was calculated using precontrast data, and used as an additional data to calculate the dynamic T1*(r) at each time point.