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Abstract #2501

Enhancement of In Vivo T1 Contrast and Image Quality at Ultrahigh Magnetic Fields (4.7-17.6T) Utilizing Fasting Imaging Techniques

Grant S, Padgett K, Blackband S
Florida State University, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Because of its pervasive use in anatomical imaging, the degradation of T1 contrast at high fields due to longer tissue T1s is particularly vexing. Previous work has demonstrated that sufficient T1 contrast may be obtained at ultrahigh magnetic fields using optimized magnetization preparation. However, the duration required for T1 enhancement substantially increases the acquisition time. These in vivo rodent and biologically representative T1 phantom results demonstrate that fast imaging methods can be employed to improve image quality without significantly sacrificing T1 contrast and that fast SE T1 imaging provides significant susceptibility correction while maintaining T1 contrast.