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Abstract #2525

Spectral Resolution versus SNR and Acquisition Duration: An Adversarial Balancing Act.

Liu S, Fleysher L, Gonen O, Fleysher R
NYU School of Medicine

Enhancment of the spectral resolution (via longer signal acquisitionduration) versus signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) trade-off have beendiscussed in the literature. While several approaches are discussed,none culminates in a recipe for an optimal trade-off. In this study, weuse the contrast-to-noise (CNR) metric to rigorously formulate thetrade-off. We demonstrate the benefits of reducing the readout durationto approximately 1.5 x T2*. Shortening data acquisition is the onlyin-situ spectral resolution enhancing filter capable of speeding up theexperiment without severe spectral distortions and/or sensitivity (SNR)losses. It also yields higher CNR than the well-known T2*-matchedfilter.