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Abstract #2645

Improving Image Contrast in Conventional Dual Spin Echo at 3.0T with Short TE and Flip Angle Optimization

Gorny K, Lin C, Bernstein M, Witte R, Wald J
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

At many institutions, dual-echo conventional spin echo has been replaced by FSE and FLAIR in routine brain imaging. However, some groups still regard conventional spin echo as a valuable pulse sequence for use in clinical practice. At 3.0T, peripheral triggering is useful for suppressing flow artifacts on the T2-weighted images. Consequently, TR depends on the heart rate, and is often longer than optimal value, yielding unwanted hyper-intensity of CSF in PD-weighted images. This work explores methods to reduce CSF intensity in conventional dual spin echo at 3.0T, and thus improve the conspicuity of lesions.