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Abstract #2646

A new technique for phase susceptibility-weighted imaging of iron in the brain

Thomasson D, Patronas N, Kotys M
National Institutes of Health

Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging may be an effective method to detect the distribution of iron in the brain using the high sensitivity of the MR phase to the susceptibility effects of iron. A new technique for susceptibility-weighted imaging (SWI) of iron using phase-based (&[Delta]&[phi]) SWI is presented. R2* and &[Delta]&[phi] SWI mapping were performed on human brain images.&[Delta]&[phi]calculations used multiple TEs, pairwise subtraction, and lowpass filtering to reveal phase shifts induced by iron-containing brain structures while minimizing susceptibility effects from other sources. This technique shows greater sensitivity and a higher, more stable contrast-to-noise ratio than basic R2* mapping.