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Abstract #2654

Regional Measurement of Hippocampal Atrophy in Alzheimer&[prime]s Disease Using Optimized Manual ROI segmentation and Voxel Based Morphometry

Su M, Juh R, Suh T, Lee C, Nalcioglu O
University of California

Voxel based morphometry (VBM) has been increasingly applied to investigate differences in brain morphology between a group of patients and control subjects. VBM permits comparison of gray GM volume at voxel-level from the entire brain, thus is an efficient method for assessing regional differences. However, despite its high efficiency, whether VBM can accurately depict atrophy of irregularly-shaped subcortical structures, such as hippocampus, is questionable. The purpose of this study was to assess the regional GM volume loss measured by VBM in AD compared to controls, and to measure hippocampal volume using manually delineated volumetry and compare the results to VBM.