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Abstract #2664

Regional MRI Measures and Disability in Multiple Sclerosis

Dwyer M, Abdelrahman N, Zivadinov R, Yella V, Benedict R, Srinivasaraghavan B, Carone D
Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center

The use of regional brain metrics (both conventional and non-conventional) may allow for increased sensitivity and specificity in explaining clinical disability in patients with MS. To investigate this possibility, we processed MRI scans from 108 MS patients using a semi-automated brain region extraction algorithm (SABRE), from which we obtained maps identifying 5 distinct regions. We then used image co-registration to examine a variety of other MRI metrics on a region-by-region basis. We found that temporal, frontal, and central regions we the best predictors of disability when examining atrophy, T2-LV, and T1-LV respectively.