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Abstract #2663

Correlation of Magnetization Transfer Ratio with Cognitive Impairment in HIV

Storey P, Carrillo A, Epstein L, Wu Y, Cohen B, Edelman R, Ragin A
Evanston Northwestern Healthcare, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University

Region-of-interest and global histogram magnetization transfer ratio (MTR) measurements were assessed in 11 HIV and 12 control subjects. Reduced MTR was found in HIV patients for whole brain and for all regions studied. Relationships were evaluated between the MTR measurements and attention, memory, constructional, motor, executive functions and overall dementia severity. Significant correlations between MTR and dementia severity were indicated for whole brain and nearly all white and gray matter regions. Whole brain and localized MTR measurements were also correlated with specific cognitive deficits. White matter alterations were more prominently implicated in specific cognitive deficits.