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Abstract #2670

Correlative Analysis of Anisotropy Diffusion Coefficient and Magnetization Transfer Ratio with Serum Antibody Brain Binding and Antiphospholipid Antibodies in Multiple Sclerosis

Kent M, Mantri N, Adineh M, Pugar K, Kausthubh N, Shah S, Kirbas C
The Wallace Kettering Neuroscience Institute, Wright State University

We investigated relationships between DTI, MTR, brain-binding serum IgM, and serum antiphospholipid antibody levels in MS and control subjects and to determine if correlations between these parameters exist, and of what significance they may be. Significant correlations between ADC and MTR values were present in subjects without concomitant brain-binding serum antibodies and absent in subjects with concomitant brain-binding serum antibodies. The correlation was dependant on the presence of serum IgM antibodies capable of binding brain tissue. Multiparametric MTR, DTI, immune biomarker studies may be useful tools in differentiating and characterizing disease subtypes, and require further investigation.