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Abstract #2672

The feasibility of a spin-echo EPI based perfusion MRI in moyamoya disease on a 3.0T MR system

Song I, Cheon J, Kim I, Chang K, Na D
Seoul National University Hospital

We evaluated the feasibility of a spin echo (SE) EPI technique for MR perfusion imaging of moyamoya disease (MMD) on 3.0T MR system. Most MR perfusion techniques used a gradient echo EPI sequence due to a high sensitivity and broader coverage. A SE EPI, however, known to be sensitive to capillary vessels, but less to susceptibility, would be more useful in MMD with collaterals. Our preliminary results suggest a SE EPI sequence on 3.0 T MR provide high SNRs enough for the good quality perfusion map images and the hemodynamic information on MMD in accordance with the results of angiography.